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Is Ford Employee Pricing A Good Deal

One of the hottest topics every year is Ford Employee Pricing at Windsor Ford. One of Ford’s most anticipated events has people shopping more than ever as the summer comes to a close and people look to get into a new Ford vehicle. One of the most asked questions leading up to the event is if “Ford Employee Pricing Is A Good Deal” or a good buy.

The car shopping experience can be a difficult one. What make, when to buy, what model etc. Then when you have found a vehicle you love you need to worry about financing and how much you’re willing to pay. Often we get the question asked, are the Employee Discounts actually good deals or are you better off dealing during different months with different programs.

Truth be told, every dealership and every manufacturer offers Employee Pricing events. We’re a little biased when it comes to Ford but most of these programs can be overwhelming. We can’t speak to other manufacturer events but generally, the Ford Employee Pricing event provides a better deal compared to other months and a straight forward buying process.

The major difference during Employee Pricing is the discounts allow you to buy a new Ford vehicle at the actual invoice price that the dealer is at. Typically the Employee Pricing deals are the lowest price the dealer can provide making it a great time to buy. The biggest change will be the interest rate. Typically what happens after Employee Pricing there will be a 0% financing event.

So Should I Buy A New Vehicle During Employee Pricing?

Ultimately…this comes down to personal choice! Would you prefer to pay for a vehicle that is at invoice pricing with a higher interest rate or would you rather pay 0% without the invoice pricing?

This year Employee pricing kicks off in July and will last a few months. Due to limited inventory from the manufacturers we fully expect things to move quickly. If you’re looking for a new vehicle we suggest buying early!

Have any comments or questions? Feel free to reach out to us and our team will happily provide you the guidance you need when deciding between buying a vehicle during Employee Pricing or not.

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