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Ford Employee Pricing For 2021 Cancelled

It wasn’t the most surprising secret but Ford Motor Company recently announced the cancellation of their biggest event of the year, Ford Employee Pricing, due to pandemic and ongoing inventory issues. Truly not surprising given the current conditions and economic climate right now.

Here at Windsor Ford, along with like a lot of other Ford dealers, we continue to see inventory but not on a consistent basis that would make it possible to hold an Employee Pricing Sale which is typically run from July – September each year. With a lack of inventory and slower than usual incoming units, Ford wouldn’t have been able to keep up with demand, unfortunately.

The Pandemic

With the current pandemic impacting the automotive industry for Ford and other manufacturers for multiple reasons, there has been a significant decrease in production capacity. With an increase in an unusual amount of demand from consumers that have been caused by recent events, the demand for Ford’s products has been high.

Originally, due to the decreased production capacities, we started experiencing shortages with inventory last year which has been affecting dealerships across North America for some time now.

The Global Automotive Microchip Shortage

Once production lines started ramping up Ford was hit with a microchip shortage and it quickly became the biggest concern for vehicle production. The high demand for microchips for other reasons has caused a shortage for automotive as well as a multitude of others electronics.

There have been pictures and stories of acres of vehicles being available but unable to be driven due to this shortage and it doesn’t appear to be ending quickly anytime soon.

Unfortunately due to these two concerns (among others), it was Ford’s decision to postpone the Employee Pricing 2021 event until sometime next year. We can’t guarantee when that will happen or when the assembly line of vehicles will start to show up more frequently but Ford needless to say Ford Motor Company has been proving great deals on factory orders for a lot of their lines, like the F-150 which is always in high demand.

If you’re in need of a vehicle please reach out to us we’ve got a lot of options we can help you out with and can keep you updated on the current incentives and rebates from Ford or when to expect the next Employee Pricing event.

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