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Ford Employee Pricing 2020 Is On Now

It’s back! No not the return of hockey (we are excited though), we’re talking about Ford Employee Pricing! For the month of August, you have an opportunity to pay what we pay on select new 2020 models and enjoy the best pricing of the year from Ford of Canada!

We’re often asked at this time of the year if Employee Pricing is a good deal? Truth be told…YES! It is a great time to buy a new Ford vehicle as it’s typically the best cash off on vehicles you can get every year, the only thing that will change is the interest rate on vehicles.

All August you can pay what we pay!

What To Expect This Year During Ford’s Employee Pricing Event

Not much has changed with the philosphy of the sales event. The biggest differences come in the duration. Previously Ford ran the Employee Pricing event for three months over the summer, typically from July to the end of September.

With the pandemic affecting most parts of the world this year they’ve pushed back the event this year to just August and September but that’s not all.

Due to factories being shut down earlier this Spring most Ford dealers are now just starting to see some deliveries so some stores may be dealing with short supply. At Windsor Ford we’re excited as we have one of the largest lots in Alberta and have a great selection of available inventory currently.

That being said it’s important that if you were looking to get into a new Ford vehicle during Employee Pricing it’s best not to delay! We don’t know how many units will remain or how fast things will be restocked!

Ready To Get Started?

First things first! Shop our online inventory to find the model you love or simply contact us and let us know your needs or budget and let our incredible sales team go to work for you!

The Ford Employee Pricing Event only comes around once every year so if you’ve been waiting until now to get into an incredible new Ford vehicle come to Windsor Ford and enjoy the incredible deals today!

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