How To Protect Your Vehicle From Cold Weather

Taking care of your car during the winter isn’t as different as taking care of yourself when the temperature drops. You have to maintain your fluids, have the right equipment so you don’t slip or fall, and most importantly, you have to keep warm when it really starts to feel cold. Our cars need just as much attention as ourselves when it’s winter. If you do your best to keep yourself warm, why not do the same for your vehicle?

We here at Windsor Ford compiled a list of important tips and tricks to keep your vehicle running in the winter. We also narrowed them down to what we think is best. Windsor Ford also offers a wide variety of services related to these tips, so book an appointment with us on our website when you need help with anything related to these tips!


Give yourself some time to let your engine warm up before you leave on your morning commute. It may be tempting to rush out as soon as possible to beat the traffic, but shifting gears too soon after starting your car doesn’t’ allow the oil to thin and flow, as well as lubricate all your engine parts to avoid damage and clogging. That’s why you should always give yourself give yourself a 2– 3-minute frame to let your vehicle’s engine warm up before you start driving.

Normally this is where we’d recommend buying a set of winter tire. However, we’ll be focusing more on maintaining the proper tire pressure instead. You lose a fair amount of tire pressure when temperatures fall. This makes it more difficult to drive through ice and snow. That’s why it’s especially important to monitor your tire pressure during the winter. You can always check your vehicle’s glove box or driver’s door frame for the right tire pressure is for your vehicle.

Most people rarely replace their batteries after purchasing a car until it’s too late. Not only is it important to regularly check the condition of your battery, but it’s also recommended you change it every 3–5 years, depending on how often you drive your vehicle. You should also make sure you’re battery is free of loose cables and corrosion. Uncertain about the condition of your battery? have our service staff take a look at it so they can recommend your next course of action.

It’s important to keep your car clean, especially during winter. But there’s another measure you can take that’s related to that: wax. That’s right, have your vehicle waxed before the winter—it’s the best way to protect your car. Why’s that? When cars leave the factory, they’re treated with a primer, undercoating, paint, and a clear coat finish to protect the visible areas of the car. Waxing your vehicle before the winter works the same way so it’ll protect it from rust and oxidation that may occur from the lower temperatures and snow.


These were just a few short tips you can use to help protect your vehicle during the winter season. We at Windsor Ford hope you found some of these useful! Don’t forget to come to our dealership and visit our service department if you ever need help with any of these tips.

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