What Colours The 2025 Ford Explorer Come In

2025 Ford Explorer Platinum Shown

The 2025 Ford Explorer comes in a variety of stylish exterior colours. You can choose from Star White Tri-Coat, Rapid Red Tinted Clear Coat, Vapor Blue, Carbonized Grey, and Agate Black. Each colour offers a different look and feel, allowing you to pick the one that suits your taste best. If you’re interested in more details about additional trim features and interior options, a range of choices are available to personalize your Explorer even further.

Explore the various 2025 Explorer trim levels like Active, ST-Line, Platinum, and ST for unique options that cater to your preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Exterior colours for the 2025 Ford Explorer include Star White Tri-Coat, Rapid Red Tinted Clear Coat, Vapor Blue, Carbonized Grey, and Agate Black.
  • Active Trim offers vibrant exterior colours and custom finishes for personalization.
  • ST-Line provides exterior colour options like Star White Tri Coat, Rapid Red Tinted Clear Coat, Vapor Blue, Carbonized Grey, and Agate Black.
  • Platinum Trim features sophisticated and luxurious reflective exterior colours.
  • ST Trim offers distinct and exciting paint choices for a balance of style and performance.

Active Trim

When examining the Active Trim of the 2025 Ford Explorer, it’s crucial to explore the exterior and interior colour options available.

The exterior hues can range from bold to understated, while the interior choices offer a chance to personalize your driving experience.

Exploring these options will help you find the perfect combination that suits your style and preferences.


The 2025 Ford Explorer in Canada offers a selection of vibrant exterior colours for the Active Trim, including:

  • Star White Tri-Coat
  • Iconic Silver
  • Vapor Blue
  • Carbonized Grey
  • Agate Black.

These colour options provide a range of choices to suit different preferences and styles. In addition to the standard colour options, the Active Trim also offers custom finishes for those looking to add a personal touch to their Explorer.


Within the Active Trim of the 2025 Ford Explorer, you can choose from interior colours such as Light Space Gray and Ultra Dark Space Gray. When customizing your Explorer’s interior, you’ll find a range of premium options to suit your style and preferences.

  • Luxurious Upholstery: Enjoy premium leather or suede options for a sophisticated look and enhanced comfort.
  • Advanced Technology Integration: Opt for cutting-edge infotainment systems and digital displays to elevate your driving experience.
  • Personalized Ambient Lighting: Set the mood with customizable ambient lighting options to create the perfect atmosphere inside your vehicle.
  • Premium Sound Systems: Upgrade to high-end audio systems for a concert-like music experience on the go.
  • Comfort and Convenience Features: Choose from a variety of interior amenities such as heated seats, panoramic sunroof, and advanced climate control for added comfort and convenience.


The ST-Line trim of the 2025 Ford Explorer offers a sportier aesthetic compared to the standard models. This trim level boasts one unique exterior colour option that emphasizes its dynamic design.

Inside, the ST-Line features a specific but unique interior colour scheme that complements its athletic feel.


With a range of vibrant and sophisticated options, the exterior of the ST-Line Ford Explorer in Canada for 2025 offers colours:

  • Star White Tri-Coat
  • Rapid Red Tinted Clear Coat
  • Vapor Blue
  • Carbonized Grey
  • Agate Black

Different colours may require varied maintenance approaches. For example, lighter shades like Star White Tri-Coat may show dirt more easily, while darker colours like Carbonized Grey may help conceal dirt better. Consider the upkeep requirements when choosing a colour.


Explore the only interior option. The Onyx interior option a luxurious but comfortable choice.

In addition, the ST-Line Ford Explorer offers ambient lighting that enhances the mood and ambiance inside the vehicle. The ambient lighting system allows you to customize the colour and intensity of the lighting, creating a personalized atmosphere that suits your preferences.


When choosing the Platinum trim, you can customize your Explorer with a palette that reflects your unique taste and personality.


Among the exterior colour options available for the Platinum trim of the 2025 Ford Explorer in Canada are:

  • Star White Tri-Coat
  • Rapid Red Tinted Clear Coat
  • Iconic Silver
  • Carbonized Grey
  • Agate Black

These colour options aren’t only stylish and reflect the trending shades in the automotive industry.

Star White Tri Coat offers a luxurious and sophisticated look, while Rapid Red Tinted Clear Coat adds a bold and vibrant touch.

Iconic Silver provides a modern and sleek appearance, perfect for those who prefer a timeless aesthetic. Carbonized Grey exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance, appealing to individuals seeking a refined look.

Lastly, Agate Black showcases a classic and timeless design, ideal for those who appreciate understated elegance.

These trending colour options for the 2025 Ford Explorer Platinum trim cater to different preferences, ensuring there’s a choice for every style.


The interior offers sophisticated colour options of Mojave Dusk and Salt Crystal Grey. The Platinum trim level boasts premium leather seating that exudes elegance and comfort.

The Mojave Dusk color adds a touch of warmth and richness to the cabin, creating a luxurious atmosphere. On the other hand, Salt Crystal Grey provides a modern and sleek look, perfect for those who prefer a more understated style.


The ST trim of the 2025 Ford Explorer offers a sleek and sporty exterior look. Inside, the ST boasts a refined interior design, complementing the dynamic exterior colours.

When considering the ST trim, you’ll find a perfect balance of style and performance in both the exterior and interior colour choices.


When customizing your Explorer, the ST trim offers a range of exciting paint options to suit different tastes and preferences.

Here are the choices reflecting current colour options for the ST trim:

  • Star White Tri-Coat
  • Rapid Red Tinted Clear Coat
  • Vapor Blue
  • Carbonized Grey
  • Agate Black

Personalize your 2025 Ford Explorer ST with the colour that best matches your style and personality.


Similar to the ST-Line trim (currently) the only available interior colour is the Onyx option.

In terms of materials, the Onyx interior boasts premium choices that elevate the overall look and feel of the cabin. You can expect high-quality materials that not only enhance comfort but also add a touch of luxury to the interior. Experience a fusion of style and functionality with the Onyx interior option for the 2025 Ford Explorer ST trim.


To sum up, the 2025 Ford Explorer offers a wide range of vibrant colour options to suit every style preference, from bold and dynamic to classic and sophisticated. Whether you choose the Active Trim, ST-Line, Platinum, or ST, you can customize your Explorer with the perfect shade that reflects your personality.

With such a diverse palette of hues available, you can easily find the ideal colour to make a statement on the road.

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