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Places To Live In Westgate Grande Prairie

If you’re unfamiliar with the Westgate area in Grande Prairie then we’ve got a few ideas for you should you be looking at places to live.

Home Parking In Westgate

Westgate is a small area on the West End of Grande Prairie and is home to a large assortment of shops, restaurants and…car dealerships! Predominantly a commercial area there are a few places you can find to live in the area. Both homes and condos exist as well as some options for senior living.

Homes In Westgate

As the Westgate area continues to expand homes are getting readily available for those looking to live on the West end of Grande Prairie. Most of the homes you’ll find in Westgate are on the north end of the community and there are a handful of options ranging from single family homes to duplexes to larger more luxurious homes.

It’s not often talked about but homes in the Westgate Grande Prairie area have a lot to offer. They are close to a lot of dining options, shopping and close to most major grocery stores. It’s also easy to get in and our of the city on the West End of Westgate.

Condos in Westgate

Not a lot to choose from here but there is one condo building in the area called Axxess Condominiums. Talking to most condo owners and some real estate agents in the city they’re not the highest end lucury condos in the city but the only ones available in Grande Prairie.

They offer a lot of the same features as most other condo units do in Grande Prairie but definitely are within walking distance to most of the major shops and nighlife options in Westgate and the surrounding area.

If you’re looking for a place to live in this area this is your best bet.

Senior Living

One of the perks of being a bit older in Grande Prairie is the facility Points West Living which is an assisted living facility. Located on the West End of Westgate it’s a beautiful building with some wonderful options for those that need assisted living.

That’s about all there is for places to live in Westgate. There is a lot of things to do in the area but it is limited with living options. If you’re set on having a place you call home here we would recommend looking at some of the newer homes being developed on the North End of the community.

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