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What To Do In Westgate, Grande Prairie

It’s no doubt that Westgate in Grande Prairie is home to arguably one of the fastest growing areas of the city. It wasn’t long ago when Westgate was just a dream of city planners and builders, but now it’s one of the busiest shopping and dining areas in all of Grande Prairie.

As a Ford and used car dealer serving the Westgate area we are always on the lookout trying to help our guests and visitors to Grande Prairie experience the city we love so we thought we’d put together some ideas on what you can do to enjoy yourself in the Westgate area.

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What Is There To See and Do In Westgate

While the Westgate area as a whole is relatively small to the West end in Grande Prairie it packs a punch in things that will keep you busy. If you’re looking for something to do while you’re waiting in Westgate here are just a few ideas for you.

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Shopping In Westgate

This comes in at the top of the list thanks in large part to a shopping centre covering the entire Westgate area. There’s not a lot else to do here but the gigantic shopping strip mall is going to be the best bet to keep you entertained while waiting.

Some of the most popular stores to shop in while in Westgate would be places like Bed Bath & Beyond (located at 101-11517 Westgate Dr Grande Prairie), Homesense (11517 Westgate Dr #117, Grande Prairie), Mastermind Toys (11521 Westgate Dr, Grande Prairie) for the kids and there is even an Urban Barn (11521 Westgate Dr #107, Grande Prairie) in the area.

While a lot of the shopping in the area is for retail things like clothes and home furnishings there is still some shops like the Dollar Store, Party City and others who can help you find a niche need you’re in the market for that.

Eating In Westgate

It basically comes hand in hand but when you’re doing an extended period of shopping the next thing you’ll likely want to do is sit down and find a place to eat.

The Westgate Grande Prairie area has more then enough resturants and fast food options to fill this need and is home to some of the more unique restaurants in the city some of which we’ll cover in our favourite restaurants in Westgate post.


After you’ve finished enjoying some of your favourite food options in the Westgate area why not burn off some of those extra calories with a visit to one of Grande Prairie’s primier fitness facilities OrangeTheory Fitness. Located at 11510 Westgate Dr #102, Grande Prairie, OrangeTheory is the most popular gym in the Westgate community and will have you sweating (but enjoying it) in a matter of minutes of your workout.

Coffee Shops

There’s a few places you can get coffee in the Westgate area but none more popular then Wapiti Bean Co. Located at 11510 Westgate Dr #101, Grande Prairie this quaint little coffee shop has a unique sit down location along with a great selection of coffee’s, expresso and much more.

If you need a little pick me up after shopping in the Westgate area be sure to check them out.

Car Shopping

With over 3 car dealerships in the Westgate area if you need to kill some time you can certainly find yourself doing some car shopping while visiting the area. We highly recommend visiting us at Windsor Ford for any new and used vehicle needs in Westgate but there is a variety of different options if you simply just need to kill some time when in the area.


There certainly is a lot to do when you’re in Westgate of Grande Prairie. Most of the activities in the area will likely involve shopping and/or eating but there are some places like OrangeTheory that stand out as one of the only gyms in the area.

There’s certainly a lot of car shopping to do when you’re in Westgate but if you’re in the for a new Ford or Used Vehicle when shopping in the area be sure to come talk to us at Windsor Ford. You can reach our location by following the map below

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