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2024 Ford Super Duty Trims With Windsor Ford

Looking to explore the 2024 Ford Super Duty trims?

Your foundation and the first trim is the XL. It’s the basic workhorse with vinyl flooring and an 8-inch screen. The XLT adds chrome and a plusher interior, ready for tough tasks. Opt for the Lariat for a blend of comfort and function, featuring leather and a larger SYNC screen.

The King Ranch envelops you in luxury with unique leather and advanced tech. Platinum raises the bar with exclusive design cues and ventilated seats, while the Limited is the pinnacle, offering premium materials and cutting-edge features.

Each trim offers a unique journey on the Ford Super Duty, meeting diverse needs and preferences, ensuring there’s more to discover as you compare.

Key Takeaways

  • The 2024 Ford Super Duty lineup includes the XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited trims.
  • XL serves as the foundation with essential features for basic work tasks, including an 8-inch SYNC 4 screen.
  • XLT enhances the driving experience with chrome additions, fog lamps, and an upgraded interior with carpeting.
  • Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum offer increasing levels of luxury, with features like leather seats, advanced technology, and unique design elements.
  • The Limited trim tops the range, offering peak luxury and capability with exclusive features like a power moonroof and Miko suede headliner.


Starting with the XL, you’ll find it’s the foundation of the 2024 Ford Super Duty lineup, offering a basic work truck setup that includes a black grille, door handles, and bumpers, along with vinyl flooring, cloth seats, and an 8-inch infotainment screen equipped with SYNC 4. This trim is designed with durability and functionality in mind, catering to those who need a reliable vehicle for tough jobs without the extra frills.

The XL trim features not only emphasize practicality but also allow for a degree of customization. You can opt to tweak your XL trim to better suit your specific work needs or personal preferences. Although the standard setup is robust, there are options available to enhance its utility and comfort. For instance, you might add exterior upgrades for improved aesthetics or durability or choose interior enhancements for greater comfort during long hours on the road. The xl trim customization options make certain that, despite its status as a base model, the XL doesn’t have to be basic in functionality or appearance, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of users.


Moving up the lineup, the XLT trim elevates your driving experience with its chrome grille and bumpers, fog lamps, and larger painted cast aluminum wheels, among other enhancements. You’ll find the interior more welcoming too, with carpeting and a superior five-speaker AM/FM stereo system that’s ready to entertain you on long drives. But the XLT isn’t just about looks and comfort; it’s built to perform.

With the XLT trim, you’re getting a vehicle that’s more than capable of handling tough tasks. Its off-road capabilities are impressive, allowing you to venture onto less traveled paths with confidence. Whether it’s a rugged job site or a remote camping spot, the XLT has got you covered. Moreover, its towing capacity is something to be admired. You’ll have the power to haul heavy loads, whether it’s equipment for work or toys for a weekend getaway. The optional Onboard Scales with Smart Hitch feature is a notable addition, making towing safer and more convenient by ensuring your load is properly balanced and secured. With the XLT trim of the 2024 Ford Super Duty, you’re equipped for both work and adventure.


As you ascend through the 2024 Ford Super Duty lineup, the Lariat trim introduces a luxurious blend of functionality and comfort, featuring step bars, a bright chrome grille, and leather seats, among other premium upgrades. This trim level elevates your driving experience with improved technology and a luxurious interior that’s hard to match. You’re not just getting a workhorse; you’re stepping into a sanctuary that understands the balance between hard work and comfort.

The Lariat’s interior is a significant leap forward, with dual-zone climate control ensuring you and your passengers are comfortable in any weather. The leather seats aren’t just about luxury; they’re about creating an environment that feels premium and supportive after long hours on the road or at a job site. The centerpiece of its technological upgrade is the 12-inch SYNC 4 screen, offering seamless connectivity and access to your digital world with just a touch.

Furthermore, the LED box lighting and rain-sensing windshield wipers are not just features; they’re a statement about what the Lariat offers – a truck that’s as practical as it is sophisticated. With improved technology and a luxurious interior, the Lariat stands out as a top choice for those who demand more from their trucks.

King Ranch

Elevating the Super Duty lineup, the King Ranch trim wraps you in luxury with its unique leather interior, chrome power running boards, and distinctive two-tone paint complemented by King Ranch badging. This trim isn’t just about looks; it’s equipped with advanced technology that makes every drive smoother and more enjoyable. Inside, you’ll find a cabin adorned with unique leather that’s both comfortable and visually striking, setting the King Ranch apart from other trims.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, the King Ranch is loaded with features designed to enhance your driving experience. The advanced driving assist technology guarantees safety and ease of navigation, while the 14-speaker B&O sound system delivers crystal-clear audio. Additionally, the head-up display keeps important information in your line of sight, minimizing distractions. The power tailgate adds a level of convenience, making loading and unloading simpler than ever.

The King Ranch also includes the Pro Power Onboard, a feature that exemplifies the blend of luxury and utility. This trim level truly stands out in the Super Duty lineup, offering a perfect mix of unique leather luxury and cutting-edge advanced technology, making it an ideal choice for those who demand both style and substance in their truck.


Why settle for less when the Platinum trim of the 2024 Ford Super Duty can offer you unmatched luxury and performance? This trim level elevates your driving experience with a variety of luxury features and a distinctive design that stands out on any road. With the Platinum, you’re not just getting a powerful truck; you’re stepping into a world of sophistication and strength combined.

The exterior commands attention with power running boards, body-color bumpers, and a striking satin aluminum grille. Chrome handles with body-color surrounds and a satin chrome tailgate appliqué add a touch of elegance, while 20-inch wheels underscore its bold presence. Inside, the Platinum trim spoils you with unique interior treatments that set it apart. Multicontour leather seating with both heat and ventilation ensures comfort in any condition, a luxury you’ll soon consider essential.

Moreover, a power tailgate elevates convenience to new levels, making loading and unloading an effortless affair. The Platinum trim doesn’t just offer luxury features; it delivers an exclusive design that makes every journey memorable. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, the Platinum trim guarantees you’ll arrive in style and comfort.


Elevating luxury and capability to the peak, the Limited trim of the 2024 Ford Super Duty guarantees you’re equipped with top-tier features and unparalleled comfort. When you choose this trim, you’re not just getting a truck; you’re embracing an experience enriched with limited trim features that set it apart from the rest. Imagine stepping onto power running boards as you enter a cabin defined by its body-color bumpers and handles, a reflection of the meticulous attention to detail Ford has invested in this vehicle.

The Limited doesn’t stop there; exclusive upgrades like a power moonroof and tailgate, coupled with 20-inch wheels, elevate your driving experience to new heights. Inside, the ambiance is further enhanced by a Miko suede headliner and premium two-tone leather upholstery, ensuring every journey is as comfortable as it is stylish. The multi-contour seats with heat and ventilation cater to your comfort needs in every season, while a head-up display keeps important information right in your line of sight. Plus, with the full suite of Ford’s driver-assist features at your disposal, you’re assured of a secure and relaxed drive every time. The Limited trim truly embodies the pinnacle of luxury and capability.

Wrapping It Up

Not much has changed on the 2024 Ford Super Duty Trims lineup. The changes for this year’s version arent a lot but enough

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