The Ford Bronco Is In Grande Prairie

The Ford Bronco At Windsor Ford In Grande Prairie

The Ford Bronco has arrived at Windsor ford in Grande Prairie. The newest and most anticipated vehicle for 2021 is almost ready to arrive at our dealership. We are very excited for the new Ford Bronco to arrive in Grande Prairie and go on sale. You can’t beat this amazing SUV, starting at $40,000 it’s a great purchase for any family or business owner. With all the latest safety features and a rugged design built for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike, this is the SUV you’ve been waiting for! 

The Ford Bronco is back!

After a long wait and a lot of delays, The Bronco is almost set to return!

First released in 1966 and then for a second time in 1978 for the US market the Bronco was eventually phased out of Ford Motor companies lineup despite a large following and cult following of owners and fans who waited a long time to the return of the Bronco.

Now after 35 years of waiting for a new generation, The Bronco has finally arrived in Grande Prairie at Windsor Ford. We’re excited and we hope you are too as we expect great things to come with this amazing vehicle!  

With its full-size capability for towing and hauling the Bronco will be sure to please all those wanting a more capable vehicle for work or for play for life in the Peace Country. The Bronco’s off-road capabilities for “going where the pavement ends” will have many Grande Prairie residents using it for work or for play in our river valleys and off-service roads throughout the area.

Its aggressive design, low stance, great wheel articulation, and capability is certain to remind people for years to come of its roots and more importantly, its future.

What’s the Ford Bronco all about and why should you care about it coming to Grande Prairie?

A classic for most vehicle lovers. It was first released in 1966 for the 1967 model year and stayed on the market for a total of 30 years until 1996.

The Ford Bronco was known for being an off-road vehicle. It had a small body and it came with either the 2.8 liters 6 cylinder engine, or 4.7 V8 depending on when you bought your bronco in 1966 to 1973 respectively. The original 3-speed manual transmission and four-wheel drive remained unchanged until 1972 where they added a three-speed automatic which replaced the old I6

The name became famous for being a 4×4 vehicle that had gained much popularity for its role in many movies. It wasn’t just used in films but also became one of the most popular vehicles of all time for off-roading, due to its rugged body built by the company which eventually led it to be such a staple for off.

4×4 and Grande Prairie go hand in hand. With all of the hills, mud and mountains surrounding Grande Prairie for many miles, the Bronco will provide a great driving opportunity for all for many years to come.

What makes the new Bronco different from other SUVs on the market today?

The new Bronco is a midsized SUV that offers the best of both worlds. With higher ground clearance and more off-road capability than most vehicles on the market, it also features four-wheel drive and 8-speed automatic transmission for those who want to take their vehicle out into the snow, mud, or off-road environments.  One thing that sets this vehicle apart from others is its rugged design. This SUV was designed with all types of drivers in mind; people looking for something stylish, people who enjoy outdoor adventures, or even just someone who needs a safe vehicle to transport their family around town! With seating up to five passengers, this could be the perfect vehicle for life in the Grande Prairie area!

How much will the Bronco cost, and what standard features does it come with?

Highly anticipated and faced with delays due to a handful of setbacks, the Bronco is finally ready to make its debut in Grande Prairie. With a release date previously set for 2020, many have been wondering for quite a while now how long will it be before we see it and how much will it cost to purchase. 

Perfect for anyone who loves exploring nature or perhaps just someone who wants to cruise the city with the top off the new Bronco is built for all types of shoppers. MSRP pricing (at the time of this article) begins at $40,000 and is competitively priced to other SUV’s like the Jeep Wrangler. 

Where can you buy one of these vehicles in Grande Prairie, and when will they be available at Windsor Ford?

The Ford Bronco will be available to Grande Prairie residents very soon! We expect to see units arriving anytime and will continue to update this post on a regular basis. As the premier ford dealership in Grande Prairie we are excited to share the news that we will be seeing our first Bronco in Grande Prairie, AB shortly. 

This iconic vehicle will be available for purchase at our dealership when it lands. Come down and see us at 10001 139 Ave, Grande Prairie, AB from 8 am – 6 pm or feel free to reach out to us online and we’ll get you the answers you’re searching for!

Get started today to find out more about the latest model of one of the most famous SUVs ever made, and get your name on a waiting list so you can take delivery as soon as they arrive!

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