Each year Motor Trend rigorously tests vehicles for durability and performance in the “Truck of the Year” competition. That’s why we’re so proud to announce that the 2017 Truck of the Year is the Ford Super Duty! Vehicles that were in competition with the Super Duty included:

  • Nissan Titan
  • Nissan Titan HD
  • Ram 2500/3500 HD
  • Ford F-150
  • Honda Ridgeline

In the end, the Super Duty won because of its excellence in design advancement, efficiency, engineering and intended function performance. That it also ranks highly in terms of safety and overall value is just the icing on the cake.

Judges in this competition look to answer these questions about design:

  • Is the design cohesive?
  • Do the elements serve a purpose?
  • Do the elements advance the design?
  • Does the design separate the vehicle from its competition?
  • Does the design speak to the intended audience?

The Super Duty struck a balance between proficiency and appearance. The design advances the direction of previous models without abandoning the signature look.

The Super Duty’s efficiency resonates with customers in terms of fuel economy, as these efficiency advantages are a boon to working professionals trying to balance capability and costs. When subjected to the Motor Trend Real MPG test, the Ford Super Duty outperformed Ram trucks while providing far more power than the Titan(s) or the Ridgeline.

The Super Duty has a class-leading 925 pound-feet of torque. That kind of torque is simply stunning, allow it to reach a strong, steady freeway speed pull when given even minimal throttle inputs. Drivers can also confidently brake from high speeds due to:

  • Strong 14-inch rotors on the front and rear
  • A well-calibrated Tow/Haul mode
  • Powerful exhaust brake

Jonny Lieberman, one of the judges, felt that no vehicle hit the mark of this criterion better than the Ford Super Duty. Ford delivered on both usability and capability, plus its work-focused technology is impressive. The ability to extend blind-spot detection, monitor trailer tire pressure and lights, and monitor with a 360-degree camera coverage are great aids for maneuvering in close quarters.

To increase collision avoidance, Ford added these key features:

  • Trailer sway control
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Collision warning
  • Cameras that increase low-speed safety
  • Blind-spot warning system

The cruise control helps to maintain safe distances when loaded or unloaded. The truck maintains a set speed when descending a hill with a trailer.

Regardless of the make, heavy-duty trucks are expensive. When matched with other capable trucks on the market, the Super Duty is roughly the same price or cheaper. It offers class-leading hauling and towing and a suite of towing technology. For content per dollar spent, the Super Duty is a clear leader.

If you’re impressed by the Super Duty and want to purchase a new vehicle, Windsor Ford offers financing to get you into the driver’s seat faster.

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