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Now available at Windsor Ford, Omnicraft parts, Ford’s newest automotive part brand. While Motorcraft is available for Ford brand’s Omnicraft is available for most non-Ford and non-Lincoln vehicles meaning you can service your vehicle at Windsor Ford no matter the make or model. You can be sure that you’ll be getting high-quality parts at a competitive price which you should expect from us at Windsor Ford and the Windsor Ford Quick Lane.

Windsor Ford is home to the largest Omnicraft parts inventory in Western Canada. Why does this help? Simply put this large inventory means your waiting time is reduced significantly because we more than likely will have the part you need in stock to ensure quick and complete repairs.

All Omnicraft parts are tested to ensure performance and a long life span. That’s what our customers expect from their parts and that’s what Windsor Ford expects as well. With the introduction of the Omnicraft brand our parts department can now offer the same affordable, high-quality parts you come to expect for any make or model you may drive. Omnicraft parts provide warranty on their brand that will meet or exceed industry standards.


Oil filter coverage for 93% of the vehicles on the road (including Motorcraft® and Omnicraft offerings) and our internal components can help provide a long service life of Oil Filter Features.

Oil Filter Features

  • Cellulose media provides high filtering capacity and strength, and screens out abrasives to help prevent engine wear.
  • Up to 96% efficiency at 20 microns
  • Nitrile rubber anti-drainback valves resist high heat and keep oil in the filter to help prevent dry starts*
  • Large pressure-relief valves help to maintain oil supply to the engine under extreme operating conditions*
  • Bonded end-plates help keep consistent pleat spacing to enable efficient oil flow.
  • Perforated steel center tube provides internal support needed under pressure.
  • Steel cases are “ironed” for a precise fit and fluted for easy removal*

*Not Applicable On All Part Numbers

Omnicraft Oil Filter


Omnicraft Brake Pads

Omnicraft Brake Pad Features

Friction material matched to vehicle family & usage.

  • Ready to install out of the box.
  • Ceramic pads are formulated for High heat tolerance with little fade and Quiet and low dusting braking performanc.e
  • Semi-metallic pads are formulated for High heat absorption that pulls heat out of the braking system as well as a Consistent braking performance with an excellent cold bite.

Omnicraft Rotor & Drum Features

GG15HC-formulated high carbon casting for:

  • Enhanced heat dissipation and extended brake life.
  • High resistance to thermal cracking and fade.
  • Low noise propensity and resistance to brake judder.

Rotor Coating for:

  • Assist in corrosion prevention and increased rust resistance.
  • Clean appearance for open wheels.


The Omnicraft Advantage

  • Ready to install out of the box - just add Omnicraft brake pads.
  • Features OE casting for most makes and includes new square-cut seals, O-rings, boots, bleeder screws, copper washers, banjo bolts and hardware, including brackets (when applicable).
  • OE piston material (Steel & Phenolic).

Coated Caliper Features

  • Rigorous standards include 96-hour salt spray to ensure corrosion resistance.
  • 100% pressure tested to help reduce comebacks.

E-coated for long-life:

  • Helps reduce fade with heat or UV exposure.
  • Protects against corrosion and rust.
  • Superior to powder coating.
  • Includes coating on bracket bores and parking brake components.
  • Stylish high gloss appearance.
Omnicraft Calipers


Omnicraft Starters

Omnicraft Starters & Alternators

  • Ready to install out of the box.
  • 100% new components.
  • Designed to meet manufacturer requirements for proper fit, form, and function.
  • 100% end-of-line testing to help reduce comebacks.
  • NO CORE charge which means lower transaction prices, less hassle and the ability to stock more inventory at a lower carrying cost.

Omnicraft Alternator Features

  • Alternators designed to help protect against excessive charging.
  • Premium brushes and components help lead to a long service life.
  • Designed to withstand gruelling under-hood heat and electrical demands.
  • Compatible with sensitive electronics systems.

Omnicraft Starter Features

  • Premium bushings and brushes for long service life.
  • Corrosion-resistant coating on external components.
  • High tech seals and synthetic grease help to ensure long bearing life.


The Omnicraft Advantage

Shocks and struts are vital for traction and control, not just for bumps. Omnicraft strut assemblies help keep
the tires firmly planted, and are designed to resist body roll on curves, making the vehicle more stable.

Loaded Strut Features

  • Engineered for easy installation, with no special tools required .
  • Eliminates need to compress the spring.
  • High quality bearing plates and insulators optimize steering smoothness, quiet operation, and help maintain proper front end alignment.
  • Includes coil spring, mount, insulator, bearing plate and attaching hardware where applicable.
  • Calibrated to compensate for age and mileage wear.
  • Custom tuned springs for corner-specific ride height and vehicle design.
  • Engineered for long life under a wide range of operating conditions.
Omnicraft Struts


OmnicraftTM is Ford’s brand of aftermarket parts for most non-Ford/Lincoln makes and models.

IMPORTANT: When a service part is replaced or exchanged under the Service Parts Warranty, the replacement part assumes only the remaining, unexpired portion of the warranty of the original replacement part. The warranty period does not start over, nor is it extended with subsequent repairs.

Limited Lifetime: Alternators, Brake Pads, Brake Calipers, Starters, Loaded Struts, Radiators
3 Years Unlimited Mileage: Coated Brake Rotors, Hubs
2 Years Unlimited Mileage: Oil Filters, Brake Drums, Air Filters, Cabin Air Filters