The weather’s still warm and the sky still clear, so already talking about winter may seem like a travesty, but winter is coming one way or anoth...


The weather’s still warm and the sky still clear, so already talking about winter may seem like a travesty, but winter is coming one way or another. Weather in Grande Prairie is also unpredictable, so it’s best to prepare early before the cold and harsh weather arrives. That’s why Windsor Ford’s Service Department has a few helpful tips to get you started on the right track!

There’s no need to install chains on your tires when you can purchase tires made exclusively for snow. They’ll have a mountain or snowflake on them which indicates they are made of a special compound which makes them sticky even in the ice and snow. They also have bigger tread to give you more traction in snow, ice and slushy road conditions.

The tread in the tires shouldn’t be less than 3.5 mm, so if you already have winter tires, make sure that tread isn’t worn from use or the tires will lose their effectiveness. As time passes, check the air pressure frequently in your winter tires. The cold winter air can have an impact on the air pressure, which also makes them less stable on the road (as well as reduce your fuel economy!).

Visibility in the cold winter months is essential to keeping you and your family safe in your Ford, that’s why you’ll want to ensure that your winter wiper blades are heavy enough to push snow and ice from the windshield. Replacing your wiper blades is also recommended as the salt and grit from the road quickly tears up the rubber of the wipers – reducing their efficiency.

Along with winter wiper blades you’ll want to ensure your defrosters are working as intended, as well as replace your washer fluid with fluid rated for freezing temperatures.

In an extreme winter emergency, you could be stuck in your vehicle or in a place where all you have is what’s packed in the trunk. It’s good to have essentials packed in an winter emergency kit. Your winter kit should come with a blanket, jumper cables, first aid kit, shovel and flares. Bags of sand, an ice scraper and extra blankets will help in an emergency too. You can also purchase a winter kit already assembled from our Service Department for less than what it typically costs to put one together yourself.

While having roadside assistance is always a plus, they might not be able to make it to you for an extended period of time depending on the weather. So pack a winter kit just in case!

Last, but certainly not least, have your vehicle checked by the professionals here at Windsor Ford. This is because there are several items that should be inspected that can’t be done by your DIY mechanic. We’ll check your heating system of your vehicle (essential when the temperature drops) and the charge of your battery to avoid non-starts on those cold mornings. Our mechanics will also check the level of all the fluids like the anti-freeze, oil and transmission fluid. We can even add low viscosity oil to your vehicle, which remains fluid even below freezing and help keep your Ford running smooth.

Windsor Ford can help make sure you have all the right prep work done before winter. Our Parts Department has all the high-quality accessories you need, while our Service Department can inspect your Ford to ensure it’s ready for the rigors of winter. And if you’re looking to finance a new, reliable vehicle before stormy weather hits, our Finance Department can help with that too.

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