Ford MyKey: What It Is and How to Use It

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If you’re a parent, then you know that it’s important to teach your kids how to drive responsibly. One way to do this is to set restrictions on how they can use the car. This is where Ford MyKey comes in. MyKey is a feature of Ford vehicles that allows you to limit the speed of the car, set a maximum volume for the stereo, and more. In this blog post, we will discuss what Ford MyKey is and how to use it!

What is Ford MyKey

Ford’s MyKey is a feature designed to help drivers stay safe and in control behind the wheel. This innovative technology allows users to set limits on certain aspects of their vehicle, such as top speed or audio volume.

By programming MyKey and consistently using it whenever they drive, drivers can take greater control over certain aspects of their driving experience and reduce the risk of accidents. Whether you’re new to driving or have many years of experience, MyKey can help you stay in line with the rules and regulations of the road, all while staying focused on what really matters: getting from point A to point B safely.

So why wait? Start using Ford MyKey today and start enjoying a safer and more responsible driving experience. Let’s take a look at some of the features that come with Ford MyKey

Standard Features of Ford MyKey

The features listed below may not come equipped with every vehicle but if it does you won’t be able to change the settings when Ford MyKey is enabled:

  • Belt-Minder (a seatbelt reminder system). If you’re driver that forgets to fasten their seatbelt then the MyKey system will mute the audio until drivers (and even passengers in some cases) fasten their seatbelts.
  • Earlier Notifications for low fuel. This warning will activate earlier than the traditional one giving the driver more time to find a gas station and refuel.
  • With MyKey enabled a lot of Ford’s driver alerts, stability systems, and parking aids will be turned on by default. One such example is the Blind Spot Information System, collision warning, lane departure warning, or the cross-traffic alert system.
  • Touchscreen restrictions. MyKey may prevent manual functionality through the Ford MySync system. For example, drivers may not be able to enter navigation destinations at certain speeds or until the vehicle is in park.
  • For parents, the MyKey system will help screen certain radio content. For example, satellite radio adult content will be restricted. It’s best to confirm with your local Ford dealer if this feature is available in your area.
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Optional Settings With Ford MyKey

Upon setting up your first MyKey with your vehicle you can configure certain vehicle features. Again, not every feature listed may be available in your area but the ones that are should be available on your information display giving you a choice to turn them on or off.

  • Speed limit. You have the ability to set speed limits as to not exceed them. The infotainment system will show warnings along with audible tones when a MyKey driver reaches one of those set speeds. The driver won’t be able to override the set speed by pushing more on the gas pedal.
  • A maximum volume for your audio system can be limited to 45% so MyKey drivers can focus on the road and potentially hear any sirens or other incoming distractions. Again, a message will appear when you attempt to exceed the maximum volume and MyKey will ultimately disable the volume control.
  • The “Always On” setting forces certain features to remain active. The most important being Emergency Assist.

How to use and setup Ford MyKey

To use Ford MyKey you’ll need to have the physical key fob. If you attempt to use a spare or an electronic version of the key, the car will not allow certain features to be changed.

Creating a Ford MyKey

When you first get your car, truck, or SUV you’ll want to follow these steps to set one up:

  • With the key in hand, insert it into the ignition. If your Ford vehicle comes equipped with the push-button start option you’ll need to place the intelligent access key into its backup position.
  • Turn the vehicle on.
  • Visit the main menu on your information screen and select settings->MyKey and press OK.
  • Press or select “Create MyKey”
  • You’ll then soon receive a prompt. Hold OK until you see a message prompting you to name the key as a MyKey. Once complete it will then be restricted the next time you start the vehicle.
  • Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a MyKey so be sure to label it so you can help differentiate between your admin key.

Changing Your Ford MyKey Settings

You’ll need your admin key for this so be sure you have labeled everything correctly. Again use the information display and follow these steps:

  • With the admin key turn on the vehicle.
  • Access the main menu and select Settings->MyKey.
  • Find the available feature you want to change or adjust and press OK.
  • Adjust the settings you would like and save or click OK.

You have the ability to clear your Ford MyKey settings at any time during the same cycle. Unfortunately, you’ll need to redo these after you have switched the vehicle off.

Clearing Your Ford MyKey

Following similar steps above, again grab your admin key or fob and access the MyKey settings information display on the steering wheel.

To clear all Ford MyKeys attached to your vehicle you’ll need to access the main menu and then scroll to:

  • Message->Action and Description
  • Settings->Press the OK button
  • MyKey->Press the OK button
  • Clear MyKey -> Press and hold the OK button until you receive the prompt.

Wait for the message “All MyKeys Cleared”. Once visible all restrictions will be removed and your MyKeys return to their original status.

Benefits of using Ford MyKey

MyKey is an innovative feature that comes standard on all new Ford vehicles. MyKey allows parents to set certain limits on their teenage driver’s behavior, such as maximum speed and volume level for the audio system. MyKey can also be used to encourage safe driving habits, such as buckling up and staying within the posted speed limit.

Perhaps best of all, MyKey can be programmed to send an alert to the parent’s phone if the teenage driver exceeds any of the set limits.

As a result, MyKey provides peace of mind for parents while also helping to keep their teen drivers safe on the road.

FAQs about Ford MyKey

If you’re still having issues with your MyKey setup the best bet is to contact your local Ford dealer like Windsor Ford and one of our sales consultants or service advisors can assist with answering some questions.

We’ve created a simple FAQ below in case you want to troubleshoot on your own.

Help, I cannot create a MyKey!

Most problems with this come down to the admin key. Double-check that the key you’re using has the proper admin privileges and is not the only admin key. For vehicles with a touch, start make sure your transmitter is being placed in the proper backup slot typically located in the center console. One last thing to check is the SecuriLock passive theft system and make sure it isn’t disabled or in unlimited mode.

I cannot program anything in the MyKey configuration screen

A simple fix. The key you’re using doesn’t have the required admin privileges or no other keys have been created.

I’m having trouble clearing Ford MyKey

Similar to the above, the key you’re using doesn’t have the required admin privileges or no other MyKeys have been created.

Help! I’ve lost the only admin MyKey I had

Call your local Ford dealer to get a new key.

Final Thoughts

When setup properly the Ford MyKey system can be a great feature for parents or anyone wanting to monitor new drivers. We hope this guide was helpful in explaining what Ford MyKey is and how to use it.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us as your local Ford dealer for assistance.

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