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What To Do In Muskoseepi Park

Born from the Cree word Muskoseepi meaning Bear Creek, Muskoseepi Park provides a rich cultural experience and gives the residents of Grande Prairie a lot to do in both winter and summer months.

As Grande Prairie Largest Ford dealership that services the Muskoseepi Park area we are always looking to help newcomers, visitors and current residents of Grande Prairie experience and enjoy the city that we’ve been working and selling cars in for over 60 years.

We’ve polled a handful of our staff members and they’ve provided us with their favourite things to do in Muskoseepi Park.

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Our Favourite Things To Do In Muskoseepi Park

With so much land and space in the Muskoseepi Park area there are a lot of things you can do to keep yourself busy when in Grande Prairie, here are a few ideas for you.

The Muskoseepi Park Walking Trails

The walking trails cover and stretch most of the city of Grande Prairie so if you’re up for walking them all you can find yourself starting from the north end of Grande Prairie all the way to the south end (and back should you choose).

If you’re just looking to take in a smaller walk then your best bet is to visit the main entrance to Muskoseepi Park and tour around the areas centrally located to the Park area.

One of our favourites is the Grande Prairie Museum & Heritage Village located at 10329 101 Ave, Grande Prairie. When entering Muskoseepi Park be sure to head southwest and you’ll be able to cross a bridge over Bear Creek before touring around all the museum has to offer.

Eating In Muskoseepi Park

There’s not a lot of options or what to choose from when you’re in the Muskoseepi Park main area. You are situated close to the downtown area and there should be enough in the area to keep you full but if you’re looking for one of the hottest spots in Grande Prairie’s Muskoseepi area then you have to be talking about the Keg Steakhouse + Bar.

One of Grande Prairie’s primere restaurants the Keg continues to be the go to for many food lovers in Grande Prairie and specifically the Muskoseepi park area.

While this won’t help you fill up during the day you can certainly visit the restaurant in the evening at 105332 100 Ave, Grande Prairie after you’ve enjoyed your day on the walking trails in Muskoseepi Park. If you want to continue your night out be sure to check out our favourite places for nightlife in the Muskoseepi Park area here.

Fishing In The Muskoseepi Park

One of the best kept secrets in Grande Prairie is in Muskoseepi Park! Did you know you can actually fish at the Muskoseepi Park Pavilion? Each May the pond is stocked with trout and the city provides fishing free of charge. According the regulations, anyone under the age of 16 or above 65 can fish in the Pavilion without a license. If you are in between those ages you are required to have a license and are allowed to catch up to three fish per day although catch and release is encouraged.

You can visit the Muskoseepi Pavilion at 102 St &, 102 Ave, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 1C1.

Lawn Bowling At Muskoseepi Park

The largest outdoor facilities in the city the Muskoseepi Park lawn bowling facility is fully fenced and includes things like an indoor kitchen, washroom facility as well as an outdoor picnic area. This area is great for family and corporate gatherings as well as birthday parties and staff events. Whether it’s lawn bowling or bocce be sure to get in touch with the owners to book your lawn bowling event today!

Car Shopping In Muskoseepi Park

While there are no car dealerships physically located in the Muskoseepi Park area at times there are sales in or around the Park area. Be on the lookout for future events from Windsor Ford and Muskoseepi Park!


The Muskoseepi Park area is home to one of the busiest areas in grande Prairie throughout the summer and winter months. A wide range of activites can be done from lawn bowling to fishing to hiking and so much more making it a very popular place to visit for guests and residents.

If you’re in Grande Prairie and visiting Windsor Ford for a new or used vehicle and have some time to kill be sure to visit Muskoseepi Park. You can visit the location by going south past our dealership straight towards the downtown area on 102 Street.

Be sure to let us know your favourite things to do in Muskoseepi Park by contacting or visiting us today!

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